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The 6 hours ARC TENSION model course

(CEU: 2 h documentation,4 h general)

First Step toward your certification. 

Sponsored by Scripp Hessco

Hands-on for six hours practising with colleagues

and applying the concepts of the Arc Of Tension

with Dr.E.Dubarry.


Bring your portable table!


This six-hour presentation is for you, if you are a small female doctor or just a tired doctor, who wants to protect himself/herself  and save his/her strength.

It empowers you to address big patients regardless of your size. 

The Arc Of Tension model, brings higher precision while reducing required thrust force; it is biomechanically based and verifiable by direct outcome assessment by the doctor. This six-hour presentation follows a chronological order that builds on itself. It is a practical approach, and every participant is required to pair himself with someone; it is not a “sit-on and sleep” presentation, and even the documentation part will comprise some hands-on. It is highly recommended to bring a portable table.

This program is directly created from 3 online courses taught in 5 countries with over 400 short videos 600 text pages and 1000 illustrations (

The people attending the whole six hours of this program sponsored by Scripp Hesco, will receive the first part certification



 Cervico-thoracic adjustment with the arc of tension (segment 1)

·         You will discover a practical direct application of the model of the arc of tension to successfully address this “hard to treat” area.

·         You will practice, standing, sitting, supine adjustment of the CT junction and evidence the result to yourself on the spot.

·         You will learn how to gently balance the cephalad and caudal arc of tension for cavitation 9 times out of ten.

·         More importantly, you will give food to your mind, to reevaluate every single move that you have been using up to now in your office.

Hands-on Sacroiliac adjustment with the arc of tension  (segment 2)

·         Standing, supine, prone, sideline, with drop or without, with table, with bench, you will discover multiple unheard approaches to make your job more unique.

·         You will maximize the use of a segmental table, the use of drop with concrete rational concepts to make your thrust more effective toward cavitation.

·         You will discover that your profession is much richer in its diversity of hands-on techniques than you ever dreamed about.


Documentation of chiropractic hands-on technique for duplication by a peer (segment 3).

·         Discover how any “hands-on” technique can be written for duplication by a peer. Set up a technique, and let us create a name for it.

·         WARRANTED to reduces your technique’s notes record under 3 seconds

·         Boost your practice volume instantly by leveraging your ability to get referral

·         Import on your website a technical chart giving a real “identity” to your practice

·         Enable you to conduct outcome assessment in your own practice with no effort

·         Protect your liability like never before by complying with court recommendations

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