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What is a chiropractor practitioner AFS?

An AFS practitioner is a fellow chiropractor who has opted for a certain excellence in his practice; His certification proves that he has committed time and energy to improve his skills. He has worked hard to implement in his office those criteria, has shared with fellow colleagues during week-end away from home and has trained daily to master this new approach. He wants to improve chiropractic from the base up and not the opposite. He strives to explain logically each of its moves, refuses dogma and personality cult. He critiques and accept to be criticized understanding that perfection does not exist, but the truth is in its search. He commits to publish, to share freely and to not keep secret for financial gain. He believes in good diagnostic skills, refute crazy high practice volume in a western society, believe in the wisdom of our founders who saw nervous interference as the source of many ailments, work hard to help prove the preventive effect of chiropractic via regular maintenance. Overall, he places the good of his profession above his own good in its daily action.


There are three prongs to the Adjust For Success seminars:

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