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Use a chiropractic nosology.

Currently in the chiropractic profession there are very few specific techniques associated for a specific diagnostic (or condition).

It is as if our profession considers that the outcome from an adjustment will be the same from different technique either performed with a patient  prone, supine, sitting or on a knee chest. AFS practitioners know that the outcomes can be very different following what technique is used.

AFC practitioners believe strongly that if some chiropractic minority refuse the usefulness of diagnostic, it is mostly the fault of the profession at large, which has not developed the skill level enabling them to make that distinction.

AFC brings a new dimension to the practice; first a diagnostic is established, second a technique is selected cognitive of the nosology encountered, the physical characteristic of the tandem doctor-patient and the equipment available.

For the lay person the first observation noticed is that that there are rarely two consecutive patients treated the same way.

Chiropractic is seen as one of the most effective diagnostic tools; an AFS practitioner recognizes that and uses it to establish bridges with the medical profession.

There are three prongs to the Adjust For Success seminars:

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