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Chiropractic , the Natural Approach

We have a Vitalistic vision of the profession. We intervene to eliminate nerve interference and allow the body to heal himself.

We have observed that two techniques using different positioning and treating the same vertebral segment will have different outcomes. This is currently not taken in consideration by the profession at large and is not much referenced in any chiropractic book. There is accordingly a need to develop a chiropractic nosology as it is initiated in this program.

We believe that a chiropractic technique needs to be chosen in function of several factors such as the patient’s condition, the morphology of the patient/doctor and the equipment available. It is at the core of the chiropractic scientific and artistic approach and has been eluded in most textbook; it is systematized in our seminars, multiple manual approaches are encouraged and taught.

 We believe that a strong diagnostic skill is necessary to determine the condition that will permit to select the appropriate technique. Refusing the diagnostic is placing the patient at risk and isolating communication between different professions.

We see chiropractic as a fantastic preventive tool and a way to maximize living and function of our fellow humans. To illustrate this statement, I will take the common example that a clear majority of the population past 65 presents a neck limitation in rotation with no real awareness and not much symptoms associated. Adjusting this patient in many cases restore motion and provide a greater comfort. Lack of motion being linked to ankylosis and calcification in di-arthrodial joint it is easy to back-up the statement that chiropractic has a preventive function.


Organs affect the wellbeing of other organs, and the same holds true for the neuro-muscular system; you will discover that the position of the patient’s feet will affect the adjustment of the patient’s neck.


The science of Patient Positioning will be taught using the model the Arc of Tension. 

book thoracic.jpg


We have been schooled to name multiple hands-on techniques, but little has been said of the common point between those techniques. You will discover that techniques addressing similar vertebra will also have similar set-ups - living proof that the structure of the vertebra itself dictates the adjustment protocol.


Instead of learning 20 different techniques, you will learn one and adapt it to 20.


We think promoting chiropractic care means marketing well, but it is first made marketable by proper and detailed documentation of our daily treatment. We will teach you a great system that will elevate your profession, maximize your daily practice experience, allow you to communicate better, and improve your skills by matching techniques and outcomes. You can document an adjustment with enough precision for duplication in under 5 seconds.

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