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  • A series of seminars given in multiple countries.

  • A certification given by your peers following full completion.

  • The membership to a strong solid group of practitioners sharing the same ethic.

  • The unique possibility in the chiropractic world  to inter-refer patients while keeping a perfect continuity of care.

We build a strong sense of self-confidence in every chiropractor by helping them feel pride of their acquired knowledge, stronger in their vitalistic belief, and we bring them to observe the proof that the body acts as one. 

With us, you will not receive a lengthy, drawn-out speech, but exclusive and extensive content that has taken the author over a lifetime to write and illustrate - never before seen.

We teach practical tips, provide exact tools, and explain scientific principles and new practical ways to help your patient to be utilized, starting Monday morning.

We have taught chiropractic students, trauma surgeons, orthopedists MD, neurologists MD, and chiropractors with over 50 years of experience - they have all given us a thumbs up, something we are truly proud of.

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