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We offer a certification provided the chiropractor attended the five seminars (level 1 to 5): It corresponds to roughly 100 hours of classes pertaining to the whole spine.

We recommend you to read  3 of the 4 books written by Dr. Dubarry  and to watch the  videos associated with it (+ 200);  It brings the theory to the level of the practice and is an invaluable help to the doctor in mastering this approach.

The candidate is asked to create his own technical chart at the second seminar.

,He will present five of his own techniques without patient in front of colleagues, detailing the bio-mechanic behind every micro movement during the fourth seminar.

We ask the new doctor to assist in at least during two seminars to observe his pedagogic skills.

The purpose of this certification is to create an elite group who will assure the future transmission of this knowledge and its improvement over the years.

We intend to revolutionize how Chiropractic is taught by bringing the “hands-on” treatment to an upper level.

We want to affect how certain Chiropractic Board are taught, more peculiarly the DABCO program.

This full  program is currently implemented progressively in the United States.

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