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Experience the true power of multi-media learning.

With multiples medias:  interactive classes, Epub books, on demand videos

that you can see on virtually all media, computer, I pad, I phone, android.

The most complete: Text, Videos, Power-point, Quiz,   Online coaching, Certification,

You can learn on line chiropractic seminar with over 15 hours of material each. It is probably the most complete system in the industry. It took over 25 years to put it together. Its contains  4 sections: Thoracic, lower cervical,upper cervical, lumbar pelvis. It brings a single model of spinal manipulation to the common readers. 


In each section you have:

  • Full PDF book in sections from 120 pages to 300 pages

  • Between 200 and 300 illustrations

  • Videos especially edited for individual learning

  • Power point presentation with audio

  • Quiz to check out your Knowledge at the end of each different chapter.

  • Links to exterior materials.

  • Certifications at the end.

  • The ability to ask on line question directly.

  • Special price for live seminar.

Text only: Epub at kobo and Amazon


Those Epub books can be read on almost every electronic devices, making them a great tool to study in a practice lab. They have clear illustrations and multiple colour pictures. Each chapter has links to videos (hosted on Vimeo). The videos are purchased separately  and sold as a whole package further illustrating each book. There are between 45 to 65 videos for each book each one between 3 minutes up to 13 minutes.

Videos only:

cervical adjustment videos.PNG
thoracic videos.PNG
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