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Documentation for duplication of the hands-on treatment by an AFS practitioner.

An AFS practitioner documents during each visits the “hands on treatment” that he performed on a patient for duplication by a peer.  for this, he has established something called a technical chart that he makes available to his patient when this one moves away or change doctor. There is a true continuity of treatment for a patient between two AFS practitioners. An AFS student chiropractor by the second seminar will have already created his/her own technical chart or we will have been provided with a standard one to initiate himself to this process.

This technical chart 

 It works on the same principles as the menu in a restaurant. It can be printed on paper or placed on the doctor web-site. It allows for inter-doctor duplication of a single treatment. (The video below explains the function of a technical chart through a program which at the time was named docuadjust).




It permits the doctor a retrospective evaluation of the rightness of his precedent treatment from the observed outcome promoting self-doctor growth; it broadcast to other partners in the health field (Medical, insurance and legal personal) a clearer picture of what chiropractic is. Every AFS practitioner is firmly trained in this approach, has learned the basic principle on describing his own technique 

 and can document any technique in under 3 seconds.

 95% of our current chiropractors do not document for duplication their adjustment; this fact leads to:

  • You cannot grow you adjusting skills if you have no way to remember what you did.

  • 50 years of practice is “no experience” if you cannot recall what you did on your patient.

  • The current chiropractic documentation is more on the indication for treatment than the technique itself. Current documentation of the technique used is chiropractic is at best “empiric” and it is a sad fact that us at AFS want to change.

You can receive a technical chart template usable immedialy.

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There are three prongs to the Adjust For Success seminars:

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