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Seminar Outline:

This seminar will count for AFS certification.



  1. Structuring and classifying adjusting techniques

  2. Common points between techniques.

  3. Practical use of Tensegrity

  4. The arc of tension;

    • Principles and mechanism

    • Direct application to chiropractic techniques

    • Demonstration in the thoracic and the 2 junctions of roughly 30 techniques (standing back, Against the wall, Sitting, Prone, Supine, Side line, Kneeling, On the floor) each will be approached rehearsed compared and evaluated with the Arcs of Tension.

      • The different tension

        • In flexion

        • In lateral bending

        • In rotation

      • The tension palpation with different patient movement, different clothing and different positions

      • The different contact:

        • Sternum contact, Props, towel

      • The facilitation with

        • Breathing (on inspiration one expiration), muscular fatigue, PNF, absolute refractory period, antagonist shunt, visual pathway etc..

      • The different levels adaptation

      • The nosology associated with the technique

        • Disc herniation, intercostal neuritis, scoliosis, shoulder pain, cardiac

      • The research linked to that technique

  5. The special tension:

    • Cervico-thoracic junction

      • Seated technique and prone technique

      • Overcoming the difficulties

      • Establish a learning path for those 2 approaches hard to master. (many chiropractors in the field cannot perform them)

      • The Unique nosology affected with this type of technique

    • The thoraco-lumbar junction:

  6. Introduction to tracking your adjustment

  7. Introduction to evaluating outcome for self-growth

  8. Making a show of your first visit.

  9. Transforming your adjustment in the patient’s mind from simple to “the achievement of a master”.

  10. Gently guiding your acute patient toward maintenance care.

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