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The ARC of Tension 
Bring success to your adjustment

This is a 8 hours Hands-on presentation 

You will need to bring a portable table

Standing back mid thoracic standing detailled mechanism final.00_01_13_27716.Still014.jpg

Hold Your Spot for Just $98!

Saturday 27th of April 2024, from 8h30 to 6pm.

Space is tight and demand's high! Secure your seat now 

Remember! once room saturation is reached, anyone else stay outside.

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Port Orange Seminar
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Elevate Your Chiropractic Expertise with an Unrivaled Global Workshop Experience!

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey through an exceptional 8-hour workshop? Prepare to enrich your skills and acquire invaluable insights that surpass traditional teachings. Whether you're drawn to hands-on techniques like Gonstead, Pierce, Mopal, or others, mastering proper tensioning is paramount for success, and we are committed to imparting this indispensable knowledge to you. Additionally, you'll gain proficiency in utilizing the Arc of Tension model to innovate, adapt, and perfect any technique. But don't just take our word for it – delve into our extensive library of exceptional videos on our YouTube channel.

Why Opt for Dr. Dubarry's Workshop?

Dr. Dubarry's expertise spans across 15 countries, with fluency in four languages. He is the author of four seminal publications acknowledged as essential readings in the field. Furthermore, Dr. Dubarry has spearheaded four groundbreaking multimedia masterclasses online. As a distinguished guest speaker at major chiropractic colleges in the US such as Parker, NUHS, Keiser, among others, he is committed to making his expertise accessible and affordable to students. He will teach in six different countries this year beside the US.

What Awaits You?

Completion of this workshop is part of certification.

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