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The ARC of Tension 
Bring success to your adjustment

This is a 4-5 hours Hands-on presentation 

You will need to bring a portable table

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Friday December 1st 2023, from 5pm to 9pm.💰

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Port Orange Seminar
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Elevate Your Game with a Global Chiropractic Experience! 🌍✨

Hey, future chiropractic mavericks! Ready to dive deep into a world-class, 5-hour workshop? Prepare to level up and gain insights you won't find in your textbooks. Think of it as merging the magic of art with chiropractic wisdom. Want to craft your own techniques? Or ace your practice game even outside the clinic? Here's your ticket! Plus, get a taste of the secrets used in judo's martial arts: Katachiro. 🥋

Why Dr. Dubarry? 🚀

  • Rocked chiropractic teachings in 15 countries (yes, in 4 languages! 🌐).

  • Penned 4 books that are total must-reads.

  • Rolled out 4 epic multimedia masterclasses online.

  • Been the talk of North American associations and wooed over by 20+ schools globally.

  • Literally introduced South America to chiropractic and kickstarted two schools.

What’s in Store for You? 🌟

  • Dive into 5 hours of hands-on action, with pros guiding your every move.

  • 3 lucky peeps will snag free access to a killer online course (worth $250! 💰).

  • Stand out? You might just bag a spot to join our global tours as facilitators. 🌏

  • These 5 hours? Yep, they're a step closer to getting certified.

  • We're scouting for a club prez! Lead the pack and unlock some rad perks. 🎓

Ready to unleash your potential and ride the chiropractic wave like a pro? Jump in! 🌊🤘


December 1rst 2023 from 5 pm to 10pm


 5400 South Williamson Bld, Port Orange, Fl. 32128

Duration:  4- 5 hours

Delivery via:

80 Power Point slides; 6 to 12 HD videos; 12 pages of a PDF printout and Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice.


Currently SMT (Spinal Manipulative Therapy) and peculiarly the mechanical chiropractic adjustment, is learned as a succession of separate and distinct techniques. The AOT (Arc of Tension) establishes a single based model in the approach of Spinal manipulation.


  • Learn to apply this single model to the entire spine using multiple techniques. Saving time, energy, and establishing rules that globally impact the outcomes of any hands-on adjusting protocol.

  • Become patient-centered rather than doctor-centered.

  • Drastically increase the quantity of techniques that the practitioner uses to treat patients.

  • Be able to watch a demonstration, and accurately hypothesize if the technique will work.

  • Be able to offer constructive criticism to well established protocol (Gonstead, SOT, CBP, etc.)

  • Learn the delivery protocol of any SMT with incredible precision and learn to describe the protocol with more precise terminology (such as “segmental extension”, “segmental lateral flexion”, “stabilization by translation”).

  • For the practitioner to gain the inspiration and knowledge to eventually create their own technique.

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